Router-on-a-stick on OpenWrt/Raspberry Pi 4

Fell i love with OpenWrt so I continued on and purchased a Zyxel GS1900-8HP which boasts 802.3af/802.3at (PoE/PoE+) and 802.1Q VLANs after a little research there seems to be a new PoE+ HAT for the Raspberry Pi 4, so I’ll still have to get my hands on one of those and an AP, but the old Asus RT-AC68U in AP Mode will have to suffice for now. Notes I’ll do some repeat of the previous article OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi 4 so that I have some notes here in-case I need them in the future. [Read More]

OpenWrt Additions

Setup DDNS - Cloudflare opkg update # install, scripts and LuCI app + ca-certificates to enable SSL, required by Cloudflare opkg install ddns-scripts-cloudflare luci-app-ddns ca-certificates Head over to Cloudflare Dashboard Select your domain Click the ‘Get your API Token’ Select the tab ‘API Tokens’ Click ‘Create Token’ button Select template: ‘Edit zone DNS -> Use template’ Include -> Specific Zone -> '<your_domain>' Then hit ‘Continue to summary’ Save the ‘API Token’ for later use Create an A record pointing to some IP address, we’ll use example ‘subdomain. [Read More]

OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi 4

Setup OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, using OpenWrt current latest stable 21.02.0. The plan Current router is a Asus RT-AC68U Rev. E1 with the official stock image, I’ll be setting this up in AP Mode for the time being, I will however invest in a switch with POE (supporting 802.3af) and dot1q (802.1Q VLANs) with a Ubiquiti Access Point UniFi 6 Lite, use the Raspberry Pi 4 in a router on a stick inter-VLAN configuration getting rid of the USB->Ethernet dongle and power the Raspberry Pi 4 + UniFi AP 6 Lite through POE which I will get a POE HAT for the Raspberry Pi 4, but that’s for another article sometime in the future. [Read More]